Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week of 4/15/13

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to all those affected by the events at the Boston Marathon.

Something happened this week... something evil, unexpected and horrific happened. And it took me back to square 1... I began thinking about my family, about my spirituality and about how uncertain life is. I actually had a feeling of helplessness. I remembered thinking "can we not even run anymore?" Something so peaceful, innocent, and pure will never be the same. The sanctuary that is running; the place where many go to think, de-stress, challenge themselves, achieve that oh so wonderful euphoria has now been tarnished.

And what about the people of Boston?? What about the people who lost their loved ones?? What about America?? Well, I have no doubt that, as Maya Angelou wrote "we'll rise" as one. The running community, the city of Boston, the families of those affected thru this tragic set of events, the United States of America will stand together. Together, we'll look forward to upcoming races, upcoming training runs, upcoming opportunities to show our unity.

Together we'll overcome.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who Am I?

Well... I'm a runner. I saw a quote that stated, "I may not have a runner's body, but I have a runner's heart and that's all I need." In 2010, I went to my doctor and he said that I have high blood pressure. He told me what not to eat and what to start doing. Frankly, I didn't take it seriously... I figured, I can still eat the things I wanted, any time I wanted because I'm still young and well that's what I can do. One evening I was sitting in front of my computer and the room began to spin. I started to lose my balance and, well, I just blacked out. My wife had to assist me from my office in the basement of our home to our bedroom. Now, I'm one blessed guy to have a nurse for a wife and someone who could step in and take care of me when necessary. This episode scared me and I finally began to take my health seriously. Around this time I was about 287 lbs and completely unhealthy. A coworker of my wife's invited me to run in a 5k in memory of her son who passed some years earlier from cancer. I struggled to finish, but I finished it. I enjoyed the atmosphere, was thankful that I was able to experience this and decided that this was something I wanted to do more of. Fast forward to now... I've been running consistently for about 2 years and I'm getting better at it... My times, my breathing and my fitness has improved from when I started and I continue each day as I feel my health is slowly but, steadily coming back. I've lost 40 lbs and I realize more and more that my body, my health and my ability to run is a gift and a responsibility, of which I must be a good steward. I hope you will join me as I continue my journey and endeavor to reach the goals I have set.